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Our Mission

We believe everyone should have access to justice and equal protection under the law.  Although our society strives to achieve equality for all, we all know that much more work needs to be done.  Our goal is to be part of the solution by providing quality legal services to those who cannot afford lawyers to redress the wrongs they suffered from certain employers or unscrupulous businesses.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in upholding honesty and ethical behavior in everything we do, especially when dealing with our clients.  In addition, we value diversity and treat all individuals with respect.  We also feel a special commitment to people who have traditionally been vulnerable and downtrodden in our society.

Our Culture

At our firm, we truly enjoy helping people.  Our work is our passion.  Moreover, we do not believe in a “sink or swim” law firm culture.  We offer a congenial and pleasant work environment that fosters regular communication and discussion among all attorneys and staff.  Our shared commitment to obtaining justice for our clients has us all rowing in the same direction.