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October 2019

SAave the Date: Armed Forces Ball to Support the LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project on Saturday, October 19, 2019.
You are invited to join us for a very special evening as we celebrate those who have served and raised funds to support LACBA’s Veterans Legal Services Project and its mission to assist veterans in overcoming legal barriers to their success. This year’s honorees include: Wells Fargo for Outstanding Corporate Service to Veterans; Foley & Mansfield and Proskauer who will both receive the Patriotic Hall Legal Clinic Award; Jodi Galvin, Beth Warner-Sterkenburg and Evelyn Zneimer who will receive the Alan K. Steinbrecher Volunteer Leadership Award; and Ron Bae who will be honored for Special Service to Veterans by an Individual.

At the LACBA Armed Forces Ball on October 19, 2019, Mr. Ronald Bae received the LACBA Armed Forces Committee Award for Special Services to Veterans by an individual (for securing a $654,000 cy pres award for the Veterans Project), along with several other honorees, including: the law firms Proskauer and Foley & Mansfield (recipients of the Patriotic Hall Legal Clinic Award); Jodi Galvin, Elizabeth Warner-Sterkenburg, and Evelyn Zimmer (recipients of Alan K Steinbrecher Volunteer Leadership Award); and Wells Fargo (for Outstanding Corporate Service to Veterans).

May 2017

LACBA’s Veterans Legal Services Project Receives $654,000 Cy Pres Award

LACBA would like to thank its Armed Forces Committee, in particular attorney Ronald Bae, for securing a $654,000 Cy Pres Award to support LACBA’s Veterans Legal Services Project (Veterans Project). The award resulted from the settlement in a recent class action case and will allow the Veterans Project to expand its current services and offer new legal services for veterans.

“This sizeable Cy Pres Award will ensure that the Veterans Project will continue to help LA’s veterans resolve legal barriers that can impede their employment,” said Andrew Culberson, director of LACBA’s Veterans Project. “It will allow us to expand our work with veterans throughout LA County, where more than 25 percent of veterans struggle with unemployment.

“On behalf of the volunteers and staff of LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project and the veterans we serve, thank you. Thank you to Ron and the Armed Forces Committee for helping to secure these funds and for the difference it will make in the lives of the veterans who turn to us for help,” Culberson added.

More than half of working veterans in LA report that they are underemployed. Many of these vets struggle to overcome legal obstacles such as an overdue speeding ticket or a prior misdemeanor conviction, leading to decades of lost opportunities in the workplace.

Last year LACBA’s Veterans Project helped nearly 300 veterans and provided more than $400,000 in pro bono legal services thanks the efforts of over 200 LACBA volunteers.

“Cy Pres Awards have had a meaningful impact on funding the important work of our projects,” said Mark T. Cramer, president of LACBA Counsel of Justice, which helps raise funds for the legal services projects. “Since 2014, a total of $1,282,000 in Cy Pres Awards was designated to support our Veterans and Domestic Violence Projects.

“I would ask that LACBA members who are engaged in cases that qualify for Cy Pres Awards to consider designating them to support the Projects. They make a real difference in our ability to provide pro bono legal services to those with the greatest need.”

Special thanks also go to LACBA General Counsel Clark Brown for his efforts behind the scenes to secure the Cy Pres Award. This is the first Cy Pres Award ever directed toward the LACBA Veterans Legal Services Project.