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The lawyers of Aequitas Legal Group have been appointed Class Counsel (and Lead Class Counsel in consolidated matters) in numerous class actions litigated in both state and federal courts.

The following cases represent a sample of recent cases that were successfully resolved.

Case Name / CompaniesAmount
National Retailer$15+ million
Commercial Landscaping Company$4.7 million
Solstice Sunglasses$4.5 million
NYSE-listed National Staffing Company$4.5 million
Molina v. Fleetwash, Inc.$2.1 million
National Cosmetology School$1.5 million
Soltero v. Mariposa Horticultural Enterprises$1.35 million
Preciado v. Adriana’s Insurance Services, Inc.$1.2 million
National Aviation Company$1 million
International Hotel Group$975,000
Regional Hotel Chain$975,000
Beauty Supply Distributor$900,000
National Religious Organization$900,000
Jiffy Lube$800,000
Garcia v. KCA Electronics$700,000
Drive-Through Restaurant Chain$700,000
Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant Chain$650,000
Taylor v. Kwikset Corporation$600,000
Singletary v. Teavana$600,000
Los Angeles Cut-Flower Wholesaler$550,000
California Call Center$500,000
Worthington Industries$500,000
California Call Center$500,000
Sanchez v. UEI$500,000
Valuenzuela v. Anitsa, Inc.$500,000
Guzman v. Rockey Murata Landscaping, Inc.$500,000
Internet Printshop$400,000
Silva v. JYM Enterprises (Jack in the Box franchisee)$400,000
Garduno v. Lakeview Farms, LLC$350,000
Hernandez v. Brand Connections, Inc.$300,000
Zacatenco v. Pinnacle Landscaping$300,000

In addition, we are currently working on numerous other cases in various stages of litigation.

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