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In California, employers cannot retaliate against you (i.e., punish you by terminating, suspending, demoting, or change your hours/pay/benefits, etc.) because you engaged in what is known as a “protected activity.”

Protected Activities include but are not limited to:

■ Complaining about underpayment of wages

■ Complaining that you are not getting enough meal and rest breaks

■ Refusing to work in unsafe or unsanitary conditions

■ Using sick leave to attend to a sick child, parent, spouse, or domestic partner

■ Taking time off to address a domestic violence or sexual assault crime for your own or your children’s health, safety, or welfare

■ Refusing to sign an agreement that you will not file a claim against your employer or disclose information about your employer’s working conditions

If you believe you are being retaliated against for doing what you believe is the “right thing,” you have many rights under California law and should consult an experienced employment lawyer as soon as possible.